UEE40720 Certificate IV in Electronics and Communications

Course Duration

Total duration: 104 weeks

Qualification description:

This qualification covers competencies in audio/video, data systems and computer/network hardware, medical applications and communication aspects of electronic i.e. transmitters, communications medium/channel, receivers, attenuation and noise reduction. It includes detection/surveillance.

Delivering unit of competency:

This qualification has 27 units of competency, comprising of 16 core & 11 elective units.

UEECD0007Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace


Document and apply measures to control WHS risks associated with electrotechnology work*
UEECD0019Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components*
UEECD0043Solve problems in direct current circuits*
UEEEC0060Repairs basic electronic apparatus faults by replacement of components*
UEEEC0074Troubleshoot resonance circuits in an electronic apparatus*
UEEEC0069Troubleshoot digital sub-systems*
UEEEC0075Troubleshoot single phase input d.c power supplies*
UEEEC0067Troubleshoot basic amplifier circuits*
UEEEC0066Troubleshoot amplifiers in an electronic apparatus*
UEEEC0028Fault find and repair complex power supplies*
UEEEC0063Solve fundamental electronic communications system problems*
UEECD0010Compile and produce an energy sector detailed report
UEECD0024Implement and monitor energy sector WHS policies and procedures
UEECD0027Participate in development and follow a personal competency development plan
UEERE0015Implement and monitor energy sector environmental and sustainable policies and procedures
BSBCUS201Deliver a service to customers
UEECS0032Support computer hardware and software for engineering applications
UEEEC0006Carry out repairs of predictable faults in video and audio replay/recording apparatus*
UEECS0032Comply with scheduled and preventative maintenance program processes
UEECD0035Provide basic instruction in the use of electrotechnology apparatus
UEECO0002Maintain documentation
UEECO0015Provide quotations for installation or service jobs
UEECO0017Source and purchase material/parts for installation or service jobs
UEECS0002Analyse and implement biometric measuring techniques and applications
UEECO0001Estimate electrotechnology projects
UEECO0013Prepare specifications for the supply of materials and equipment for electrotechnology projects